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Originally Posted by Joe_caithness View Post
Blows my mind people charge for revisions when the client is genuinely unhappy.

There are mitigating circumstances of course, but if the client has supplied everything as requested and is unhappy it falls on the professional to sort this, in any industry.
Right. I have an unlimited free revisions policy which basically never gets abused and if it does, I have the right to cut my losses and say goodbye which has happened a time or two over the years, very rare.

I only charge a nominal fee if the revision requires a new mix or mixes be sent, because then usually a lot of backtracking needs to happen.

Even then, if it's just one song of an album, and the client has been otherwise easy to work worth with, I might let that charge slide.

But, if the new mix or mixes represent over 50% of the total project, it's hard to let a new mix slide without at least bringing this up.

Usually with my workflow, a revision request is very easily done in the digital domain and not a big deal. All part of the job.