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Old 13th June 2019
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Thought I would try to revive this thread (although it is several years old). If you are not aware, Guido and GSi released the VB3 II (version 2.0) last year in 2018. It is a major significant improvement over the "much older" version 1.4 and addresses/fixes all of the issues that caused the older version to be outdated, as well as the addition all new features. It is rock solid stable, runs great on Win10, and still retains the same great sound, overdrive, and harmonic characteristics that kept it in the forefront as best organ VST. [VB3II page at the GSi website]

GSi had already created a firmware version of 2.0 years ago which was released to and being used in the Crumar line of organs/keyboards. Many avid users of VB3 (as well as myself) had given-up hope that the long-awaited release of a VB3 version 2.0 would ever come out as an updated VST plug-in.

Crumar/GM Labs has also released a hardware MIDI controller to use with VB3 II called the D9X. It not only gives you 9 physical drawbars (like the previous D9U), but also gives you knobs and buttons to control the other VST parameters. It can also be used to control parameters on other VST plug-ins. The D9X can be purchased completely assembled, or if you are an electronics geek like me, you can order it unassembled as an electronics kit for a lower cost. [D9U and the D9X at the GM Lab website]