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On x-curve:

Most of the cinema theatres today do not exhibit those acoustical properties that were common back in '70s, when the x-curve was defined, yet we stubbornly continue using it in new installations.
Just to name the most important differences: rooms in the '70s were highly reverberant, today they're not, sound reproduction systems had limited power and frequency response, while today it is not the case, etc.
Applying eq to those systems (and using RTA as the only tool to calibrate them) resulted in many wrong conclusions along these decades.
In a dry room (as most of the theatres today are, compared to the '70s), EQing speakers to a x-curve response is nothing else than applying a 3dB/oct LP filter at 2KHz to a flat system.
Of course, your mixes will sound dull in a theatre, if you're listening on Genelecs in your studio because they're flatter than any speaker EQ'd to x-curve specs. Thus, your mixes will be 6dB down @ 8KHz, 9dB @16KHz, and that is quite a lot!