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Originally Posted by Doc No View Post
Rage? Hate? Huh? It was just meant to be funny/sarcastic. I think you just take it way too seriously. Calm down bro.

Lol I can't remember the last time I took anything seriously at all. But I'll give you a cookie for trying!

Originally Posted by italo de angelis View Post

this is getting into a soap opera....
why not discussing some cool technical things, like Ionian described his way to use different machines to get color/non color... and stuff like that?
Please... don't bring such a hardware great name into a tragedy as it makes no sense.
Don't dress the marketing expert suit... and talk big mouth like those ****ty executives. Do what you do... SOUNDS!

Thank you.
Definitely! I love mixing and matching machines to make new sounds and new colors! The whole point of this is to be creative, because if you're not being creative, than what's the point? Then it's not fun!