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Wow! Your saying that your symphony compared to the x32 recordings were hard to tell apart? That’s crazy! Not in a bad way. Especially if my main recording tasks for it will primarily be drums. At this point it just comes down to price. If I can get the Midas at a lower monthly payment than the x32”s 3 payments of 400 Than I will.
My wife and I are going to try for a baby soon so the deal is that before that happens , I’m upgrading my recording equipment. I’m definitely buying the Warm audio 251, a new 27 inch imac, and either the Midas, the X32, or the Apogee Element 88. While I’m sure that the element 88 will not disappoint I’m hoping that the x32 or m32 sound as good as you say and it sounds as good as the symphony , than it’s a no brainer. Also , for some reason clients get all crazy and excited when they see a big board,or console. They have no idea what converters or micpres are or what they do but they see a huge mixier and automatically think to themselves, ‘’this guy knows what he’s doing’’ or ‘’now this is a real good recording studio’’ lol