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I hope I didn't hurt your feelings showing too much enthusiasm..

yes it shouldn't have happened..
Guess what? It happened.

That's life.

Maybe you have a perfect life and live in a perfect world, lucky you.

They reacted to a case that they AND a LOT of users were trying to minimize, go and read what I wrote..I'm sure Casey wasn't very happy..but that was my point of view and ethics..I tried to make them aware of the possible consequences.

They reacted very fast.

The new plug have more functionality that the old one and it's already here, (and a little bit cheaper!)

Honestly I'm positively surprised by the outcome.
This is my point of view and ethics, to give credit were credit is due.

If all this looks normal business in the proaudio world in 2019 to you, think again.
I'd suggest trying to persuade avid (or any other company) to make a plugin that doesn't generate a lot of income (probably, although is more a service "offered" to your customers) that somebody else created and dropped.

Let's see how dimmed your enthusiasm is, when you'll see that happen.

again: nothing wrong with liking a product! but giving so much praise to fixing a problem which should not have happened/could have been avoided to me is kinda strange and imo shows that your enthusiasm lead you to loosing perspective - nothing to do with ethics. and pls stop making further (and wrong) assumptions on my behalf (regarding my view on perfection, profit or plugins etc) and stop trying to make a more sceptical view on things look bad - ciao,