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Part of the reason PCI isn't as widespread in the audio industry today as it was is entirely because Apple dropped PCI support and told everyone it was dead and to move to TB.
That was definitely part of the shift, it was far more feasible for the audio developers to focus on devices that could be used external of the system and on laptops, and with Apple being such a considerable % of the audio market, it made sense to assign limited budgets away from PCIe.

Those that have stuck it out, you will find have a strong internal R&D , ( RME, Lynx , AVID ) and anyone who has used those PCIe solutions know their immediate benefit.

I think the argument for a tower extends past PCIe audio devices tho, the simple ability to be able to stuff a system with appropriate and expandable storage is another big one, and probably more so than actual PCIe slots in many cases. I service enough clients who don't have anything in the system PCIe past the graphics card , but if they wanted to install some UAD's for example, the option is there.