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Lol yeah sure, whatever. Hahahah Listen, it's a PITA to write anything into hardware devices without a keyboard, scrolling one letter at a time. The fact that he spent time doing that, entering my user name, scrolling through the alphabet one letter at a time until he got to the correct letter, then going to the next space and doing it again...well, there's much easier ways to do sarcasm so I can appreciate the effort! I don't know about you but no one aggravates me enough to put in that kind of effort!

Hell, I've edited programs on the Bricasti and just scroll over and add a 1 or something because I can't be assed to write a whole new preset name because it's a pain to do (not just the bricasti - any hardware device with that kind of input).

Although I will say, with the release of this new M7 Link, naming presets being a pain in the ass will most likely become a thing of the past!
People have strange ways to express themselves that’s for sure. And sometimes more times it takes - more joy it brings

As about M7Link - I love the way it was thought through, developed, tested and released. And like you said if you work and change parameters on your hardware to get results you want I know how much time it will save you on every project.

I was doing it for all my PCMs in Cubase but I wish I have a plugin like that for all hardware I use!