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Perhaps it can be thought of this way:

Does anyone here, that is whining about the pricing structure of the new Mac Pro, spend high dollars for the "best" in other categories of gear?

Does having the best computer solution for your serious music production efforts not rate with you, but a super-nice mic does?
If you read the "whining" you would see that it's specifically because the base model is NOT "the best computer solution". If it was people wouldn't be "whining".

Like some of us have said: Many other manufacturers manage to create different lines of computers. Whatever it is that warrants the high price tag of the base model it's highly plausible that Apple could have had an additional line starting at a lower price but giving up certain... 'nicities'.

That's the point many people have made.

Not that nobody can, will or should buy a highly specced version of the Mac Pro because they won't benefit from it.

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Also, with a Mac Pro, at the level we are speaking of with the new version, and the OSX operating system itself, it is the highest level of reliability and performance available in a a turnkey and vendor-supported computer system, I believe.
If we're talking about the base /entry level then that's almost certainly entirely clearly untrue. I don't think it's even close.

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I do not consider Windows in the same category as OSX, as Windows is under the highest level of attack from viruses, etc., and OSX is not, and is based on Berkeley Unix -- s superior and more stable OS.
Fortunately that doesn't mean Apple couldn't have provided a more cost effective base model or different line of Mac Pro. Unfortunately they didn't do that.