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Originally Posted by zephonic View Post
You are an esteemed member of this forum, and your benchmark work over the years speaks for itself.

But when it comes to Mac threads, you just can’t help yourself, mate.
Come on Zed,

For the most part I was defending the general consensus here from Apple users, including yourself, that Apple have the ability to be able to deliver multi tier tower solutions, and could have rolled out those solutions.

The original Mac Pro was exactly that , a tiered solution, multiple single CPU solutions scaled to dual multiple CPU solutions , multiple chipset/motherboard options to accommodate. Apple could have done the same, and I doubt there is a Mac user in this thread that would have complained

The discussion that went a little south was due to the original premise that if Apple hadn't gone too Pro ? ( for audio, etc ), then they would have had the video guys bitching about them not being Pro enough. That then after some twists and turns , eventuated into the extreme high end video guys are already writing it off as not Pro enough, hence my damned if they do, damned if they don't comment.

FWIW - Visual content creators fall under a pretty wide umbrella, ( as do audio ), the visual professionals I have dealt with are more heavily dependent on GPU to do the the heavy lifting, so as I noted , a socket 2066 solution works very well with the GPU arrays afforded by the platform. For lower tier, even the 1151 platform will suffice with a large GPU. Thats who/what I was referencing, I wasn't specifying the extreme top end tier.

Either way , this is gearslutz, and I have read far more disruptive dialog on this thread , most from so called Macheads. The simple fact that the Hackintosh dialog is even permitted on GS still amuses me, as a few years back even the mere mention would be shutdown due to risk of legalities.

Carry on, I hope you find a solution that is most applicable.

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