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Bruce if the Mac Pro was specced optimally for audio, your statement would be perfectly valid.

It’s not that the new Mac Pro is specced poorly for audio, but it’s not exactly optimal. It’s over specced in areas where it doesn’t count for audio and where it counts for audio it’s specced in a way that is much pricier than necessary and may actually limit audio performance.
The much cheaper i9 line in that machine would probably perform better for real time audio tasks and I doubt the Xeons would even make a difference in offline renders, but I lack the expertise to state that with any kind of certainty.

I’m sure the 6k Mac Pro will perform handsome for real time audio, but the much cheaper i9 iMac (with much poorer cooling) might even beat it at some audio tasks and surely a pc or hack with that i9 (which typically go for about 3-3.5k, pre configured) will certainly perform better for audio.

Like it’s been suggested before. This new Mac Pro is in a segment higher than most audio pros need and in the lower specced versions (8/12 core) it just doesn’t offer a great price performance ratio.

The 6-core 3.33 cheese grater that many of us still use, offered a much better price performance ratio.
One could also build a cheaper, better performing pc or hack back then, but at least the 6 core Mac Pro offered a good bang for buck.

That machine is now the i9 iMac. Not the 8-core Mac Pro.
At least, so it appears to me.

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