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“Great just what the world needs, another freaking MP3 player. Go Steve! Where's the Newton?!”
Hey that reminds me, NO SERIAL PORTS ON THE Mac Pro??? How am I supposed to use the Newton I still have???????

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Nobody's mentioned audio-interface cards such as MOTU's PCI AudioWire system for integrating and connecting its pre-AVB range of interfaces, the new Slate-interface card and so on.

That's about as "audio" as you can get for PCI apart from DSP-accelerator / host cards such as TC's PowerCore and UAD stuff etc.
Im curious to see what they do with those myself.. Every time I fire up my 828MK2 I get that reminder that the Cuemix software isn't going to run past Mojave cause its 32 bit. Im getting this weird feeling that they will try to finally drop the old FW/424/324 devices. I think the PCI ones stand a better chance of holding on though since the slots came back.