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It is? Apple is one of the richest companies in the world and continues to post wonderful profits every quarter. Know who you can thank for it all? The guy in charge right now. Because even when Jobs was CEO Tim Cook was the guy making sure they made as much money as possible.

Apple continues to innovate all the time. Unfortunately its not on "magic", market-defining products (tho arguably their mobile silicon *is* market-defining but that isn't sexy. Apple Watch is pretty market-defining at this point too), or the products you want to buy apparently. They've already done that 4 times now. Do you really expect them to be able to continue to do that? That's ridiculous.

And their consumer base isn't the people you seem to keep implying it is. Their consumer base is people who can afford their products. Thats how its always worked. I really don't get how this is so hard to understand. One only need to look at their history which has been consistent up to this day. It's like complaining that McLaren isn't selling a cheap sedan so that everyone can have a McLaren.

Pretty turbulent chart there a high of 242 to a low of 142 within a year span.

That's a roller coaster ride for sure.

I own a trashcan and it served me well and it's not like computers are something that usually go up in price.

Complacency in business is never a good thing.

That lawsuits they're facing right now can't be good for shareholder value.

I'll pick this cheese grater up for pennies on the dollar in a few years once the Chinese meet their tech targets (maybe I can hand down the Mac Pro to my youngest daughter she should be 15 by then; maybe she can watch YouTube with it if they're still in business by then).

It's just a matter of time before the Chinese start competing within this market segment.

Well if you think this is the equivalent of a McLaren of Technology and you can budget in this computer while maintaining your fat belly with whatever food you consume while simultaneously drinking your cappuccino like the Apple executives in the key note speech seem to do based on their waist measurements knock yourself out buddy; we'll never see eye-to-eye so arguing with you will be a total waste of my time.