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It is theoretically POSSIBLE for an audio newb to install a DAW, and find a mathematically perfect combination of tweaks AND a great song, tracked by great musicians, and produce a global hit.

It is also theoretically possible for a math wizard to postulate the exact settings in advance and squirt out hit after hit, without even hearing them, on pure math alone.

But in the Real World I live in, there's a decades long process beginning with blind fumbling, slowly growing awareness of dimly perceived shortcomings, gradually formulating better and more specific questions, intensive research to answer same, and then an iterative repetition, involving successive studio builds to negate fundamental design problems...

...ACCOMPANIED BY an introduction into a music scene, climbing ranks, expanding contacts and awareness of technical and political faux pa's to avoid...

...ALL the while improving one's ears and equipment...

...before mass appeal of product becomes...

...a possibility.

At this point, simple bell curve probability leads me to suggest that the resulting pile of technology will be a random collection of specific solutions that solved problems along the way, and NOT all stock plugins, OR all hardware, OR all world class.

YOUR math WILL claim whatever YOU want it to.

Here... we at least ATTEMPT objectivity, and recognize that we will stand or fall based on our ability to discern reality... a big dose of RANDOM CHANCE.