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Old 12th June 2019
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Question [Help]Video Change to the wrong length when set to correct frame rate in Pro tools 12

Hi guys, I've done some research and not yet found any relatable scenario so I guess I'd ask.

Here's what happened:

My PT was working fine for my post audio jobs for 4 years. But since last week, when I create a blank session follows my usual set up (24bit/48kHz), when I import the video I'm going to work on (25 FPS) into the session, and set my session frame rate to the correct FPS, the video length and the audio length won't match. I will see the video change it's length every time I change the frame rate setting in the session box.

And the odd thing is, when I select the video in the correct frame rate setting, it'd show the correct length in my PT, however when I export it with audio, it will become longer.

Initially I thought it was a clock issue but nothing has changed. I tried convert videos and nothing works. Tried to compare all the settings but it's all the same. Meanwhile, under the same laptop, I could still open my previous project with all the video and audio working correctly.

And this doesn't happen every time. It has happened twice so far without any clue. One was when I created a new session, and the other one was when I import a new video to my existed project and overwrite the old video.

The solution I had now is just open the project that was "normal" first, and then create a new session, then import the exact same video into the session and everything would be fine again.

I'm just very curious about what was happening and if there're things that I'm missing.

I have two systems: one is PT 12 with built-in output and OS 10.12.6 that I use for quick adjustment at home, one is PT HD 11 with OMNI and OS 10.10 I used in my studio majority of the time.

If I take the problematic project to my PT HD the same issue still occurs. But so far I only "create" this issue when using PT 12 on my laptop.