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Everytime a new tape plugin comes out i get super excited, stress out and test it against every plugin I own and miss the intro sale, wait until the next sale, write support for a new trial period, stress out and test again until the final hour of the sale, find the cheapest possible price on the internet, decide I don't have enough time left to decide and miss the sale, wake up the next day and find out the sale is based on a foreign time zone so I have another day, buy it, use it on two mixes, then file it away in the folder full of plugins I only use to test against new anxious purchases.

I'm excited, these look great...
Hahaha, I`m looking into a mirror

Originally Posted by Beatworld View Post
Which of the 4 “its” are you liking most so far in this short period of time ?
The price?

Waiting for feedback as well ...