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The audiobox 1818 and the bigger Scarlett have very comparable options/quality... ideally, you have get an interface that has analog ins and outs as well as adat in and adat out... but, as always, but what you can afford

The RME multiface and digiface are amazing and cheap on the used market...
Unfortunately the Presonus is now sold, and even more unfortunate is that the RME stuff second hand is still expensive here in Aus. I started looking at other alternatives, there's not much else around that money in USB 2 (or above) that can do the same job. The Behringer Firepower and Uphoria stuff rates OK in terms of specs but I read people have too many problems with software and some of the "day to day" aspects of them. So not sure what else is out there, will have to keep an eye out on the market I guess.