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Old 10th June 2019
Here for the gear

No pics yet, but I just placed an order for equipment for my new University gig in the fall (will update later this summer once I'm in town). I'll be recording concerts in several spaces (a large recital hall, a cavernous concert hall, a small wood-panelled museum space, and assorted other places), and since I'm buying it all from scratch, I had to work within a budget. Here's the gear list I sent in:

Zoom F8n
Audio-Technica AT-4022 x 2
Rode NT5 + NT45O capsules x 2
sE 4400a matched pair (for small gigs or spots)
sE x1 A x 2 (for spots)
Manfrotto triple mic bar
Manfrotto light stand (11' height)

My plan is to do a Boojum/JNorman array for medium to large ensembles, and some flavor of two-mic setups for smaller gigs. It's not the fanciest equipment in the world, but it's all gear I trust. My eventual goal down the line is to incrementally upgrade the rig piece by piece, but this will get a good start.