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Please keep me posted on your impressions of the Warbler. I've been following the Warbler 3U threads since they started, but I've learned over the years to let the hype and dust settle before jumping on any of the latest and greatest gear all the "cool kids" are chasing because more often than not enthusiasm fizzles with time. I try to stick with stuff that's tried and true. I'm sure the Warbler 3U is a fine mic, but I have some fine LDCs now. I don't use them very often for lead vocals, however, for the very reasons cited. Another LDC isn't going to change the variables that lead me to preferring the SM7b on vocals the majority of the time. But, if there was a LDC that came along and truly had the potential to be a game changer for me then I'd buy it.

The RE20 has been on my short list for years, btw. Like you said, the dynamic mics seems to fit in the mix much easier than most LDCs.
I know it's been a pretty long time but I can give you a pretty good answer on my impressions of the Warblers now!

While I wanted a relatively bright pop/sheen mic, the Warbler MKVID was a little too bright in the wrong frequencies too often for my use cases.

I ended up also buying the original Warbler (Warbler MKI) and it has basically been my go to mic. It's the mic that I grab first for new vocalists and it usually works pretty great. It takes EQ pretty well too, although I find the results pretty close to what I want already.

It has great balance as well as sibilance rejection, but still retains air in the frequencies right above the sibilant range.

I recorded This Vocal with a Warbler MKI (Not the chorus but the verse).

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it, but I kinda want to grab the GZ67FET or the GZ67 know how GAS goes