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Here for the gear

Hardware SUONOBUONO nABC - launching tomorrow on Kickstarter!

PR: SUONOBUONO - nABC: Beyond sidechain compression

nABC stands for not Another Boring Compressor, and that's exactly what it is.
The nABC makes sidechain compression easy, flexible and intuitive: it is a an analog, stereo sidechain compressor whose sidechain can be triggered by MIDI, USB, analog synth signals (gate/CV), audio, or pedals, without any need to route sidechain audio signal from a kick drum and with the freedom to decide the time, depth and shape of each individual compression event.
The nABC allows to dynamically attenuate one instrument (for example the bass) when another instrument is playing (for example, the kick drum), giving a cool "breathing" effect to the sound and tightening the mix. In addition, and differently from traditional compressors, the nABC also allows to trigger sidechain compression at any given time, for example shaping the accent of only specific notes on a bassline. Since the shape of compression is not derived from the kick drum, new creative possibilities arise, with compression events that can be arbitrarily long or short. Even creative gating effects can be easily achieved.

The nABC has studio-grade audio quality, it is housed in an elegant machined aluminum case, it uses touch pads and its audio parameters can be automated by USB/MIDI and stored in presets. It can be equally used with modular synths, in digital studios or live.

The nABC is available on Kickstarter at significantly discounted price, starting from SEK 2990 (ca USD 320, EUR 280).

Kickstarter campaign:
Presentation video:
Bassline fun with the nABC and a sequencer:
Presentation video (Kickstarter):
Technical specifications:

SUONOBUONO is Stefano Sorrentino's brainchild, a combination of his music production and engineering backgrounds. As music producer, Stefano achieved a few international radio and club hits while as engineer he was awarded “Inventor of the Year” in 2018. As a small, innovative company in the fertile Swedish start-up ecosystem, SUONOBUONO aims at distinguishing itself for its originality and quality.
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