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If I got into Music for the Fame & Money alone I would be done a long time ago because it's not there anymore because of the saturation of Rappers, Producers/Beatmakers, Engineers etc..the list goes on. The Money beneficial factors are now streams and even those trying to sell CD's on the streets might as well be vagrants asking for a money so they can buy a meal for the day. It's become a genre not about Talent but rather who's next with the better gimmick and Marketing & Promotional Package on the Commercialized end. I'm sure like most other New Music Producers you had dreams of being big (and you probably accomplished that...) but sometimes you have to step back and realize why you ever got involved in Hip hop oppose just the money factors. For most it's just a passion for when we were growing up as kids with the entire culture of Hip hop we just loved it and wanted to be a part of it and nothing beats composing a Track for a Rapper who's got amazing flow and punchlines that just stick in your head for weeks whether the songs go big and acknowledged by millions or just you and a few others locally. Hip hop it self is addictive if you ask me!..