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Old 10th June 2019
but if you don't want to use a laptop, the old fashion way to do backing tracks was with a DAT tape player, that had (i believe) 8 tracks that can be individually assigned and mixed, like you were asking for bass, drums, synths on separate channels.
I would think trying to find the gear and setting this up would probably more expensive and time consuming than a laptop.

the really cheap way to do this is either with an old smart phone (airplane mode is a must) and you can prerecord your tracks to a stereo mix, where the left channel is your backing tracks, and the right channel is you sync'd click. The get a headphone splitter and route your signals. I used to do this with an old ipod but in the end, i'd rather give the FOH the separate channels than a stereo mix because the mix might sound good in your home studio but might sound like crap in a live environment.