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Originally Posted by CJ Mastering View Post
This seems to be your own personnel problem. The best artist (painters, musicians) do their art for their own personnel pleasure gratification, not for someone else's.

They do not do it for their Ego and they do not do crave reactions from others, like you. They do it for the love of it.

You should do things you love and do not do just do things to get reactions from others to feed your ego.

That's my 2 cents

Originally Posted by Fanu View Post
This questions tells something about you, if you think about it.

If you're a pop artist, I don't think there's much I can say.

If not…you do it because you love making music. It's that thing that gives you (or at least me) a lot of joy, sense of meaning, fulfilment, satisfies my passion.
It's that flower you water as will give you a lot back.
Sometimes it helps to shed off all the external bull****, take a small break from it…and I swear you'll get back to it because you realize you love it.
I've been in that "is this worth it?" crossroads many times but I always get back after shedding off that BS and I do my best work after that.
Do it for you. Do it for the love of music. Like someone said, artists make it because they have to.
If you feel you don't have to, you can let it go.

I've been a releasing artist for 15 years, always making at least some beer money on the side, and sure enough, it's got more difficult these days.
I've made money from my music but I've never made music *for* money. It slightly supplements my income as a mixing and mastering engineer, and I'm happy about that. I'd make my living from engineering only, but honestly, everything that comes in from the products of pure love feel really good.
If I had tried to become a person who lives off of his productions, I would've experienced some pains at some point.
But now it's more like, I'm happy I've always made music, as there's a lot of if out there, and people play it little by little every month and buy some.

I guess I kind of digress here, but if I had tried and made music for money, that would've resulted in unhappiness, but as I always made it out of joy without thinking about money, ironically it gained me some. If I saw in a crystal ball that it'll gain me zero bucks in the future, I'd still do it with the same undying passion.
Don't get me wrong, I want to agree with this entirely. I also want to have the passion I did before I ever made any money of this. However, I think doing music for monetary reasons (and lets be clear, love aside, you aren't going to make much money if you don't work on the craft strongly) is wrong, and like any job, you often become less productive when you are not inspired about creating change, or doing better, or getting a raise. I felt I got demoted every year pay wise from 2012ish until I had to quit full time.

I never planned on it being my job, I do have love but money really helps you work at your best. I am not saying it is the only motivating factor, but for me, it always helped me push through walls, make everything the way I want to, and put in those long hours that changed something from a good idea to a dope song people actually play regularly. When you hear a song you were credited on while walking to work, or at an intersection, and you don't know them, they don't know you made that, that gives you a lot of inspiration. I am not saying I didn't make those songs with love, but I did it for the money, at least in full, I can't say I made my part specifically for the money, but I was involved with this or that song because of it.

I am just saying, I am with the OP to an extent, I don't like music sitting on my HD, I am still making some money, but not my living off of music, I am doing some personal projects on the strength, because of the love, but I know I would be doing more music, and better music with a paycheck associated with it.

I am not saying I disagree with either, I am just saying that certain things really made me a better artist and one was getting paid and having the responsibility, in my mind, to always get better to get paid better.