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There’s more $ in hip hop today than ever has been. Labels are making record profits and it seems like every week there is a new SoundCloud/YouTube artist with a hit.

The $ are not in views or streams. It’s in the shows, merchandising, and the various amounts of endorsements artists are getting from sneaker, clothing, lifestyle, electronics, personal care products, etc. If you have tons of followers on social media you will get $ to push products, etc.

You don’t even need a label anymore to get it moving. But...just putting something online without giving browsers a reason to find/listen to your stuff doesn’t work. That’s why you see so many artists beefing and doing dumb stuff to stand out, gain followers, and hopefully catch the eye of a Vlad, Akademiks, or Adam 22. You don’t have to be a clown and do dumb stuff but in the age of video and social media you have to be interesting. Having music alone is just not enough.

Also, be honest with yourself and ask are you really doing everything possible in your power to make your dream happen and is the music you are doing any good to more than your circle.