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I most at home with hip-hop, but I work with everything, and also do "sample creation" (make music that hip hop producers sample, more soul based)

Currently mixing a bluegrass album,a singer song writer that is inspired by Thom York, a rap album that is full on obnoxious trap, and a piano based artist that has a string quartet throughout.

And I have landed commercials in almost every genre.

The Silver Bullet helps me pull off all these sounds. I can be clear and crisp, dirty and gritty, or vibey depending on how I use the machine. I can pull off Accoustic Americana, EDM, LOFI hip-hop and heavy metal with it, which is why I got it in the first place (it's versatile)
Yeah I think it suits acoustical stuff better.i watched a demo video on YouTube where the guy was using it on bass heavy tracks and the mojo section was pretty useless as it broke up really easily. The Neve Setting was cool as was the eq but then I might as well just get a Neve preamp. I’m more into electronic and modern hip hop myself (hate using the word trap).So I think the rnd542 or something of the sorts is better suited for weight and depth than the SB