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I'm kind of new to this. I spent the last year doing more electronic music, with my DAW being FL Studio. I recently started to discover sampling, and that led me down the history of the MPC, and watching videos of people making beats on it, and the Maschine. I'm really interested in getting started with making beats using samples.

I've tried the whole FPC/SliceX workflow in FL Studio and to me it's pretty tedious. Honestly, I've never really been much of a keyboard and mouse person when it comes to recording music. I have a guitar background, been playing for 14 years, and up until about 2010, I used a Boss BR-864 digital 8 track recorder, no computer except for exporting the final mix.

So I've always been kind of more comfortable with a hardware unit. I've been looking into the Maschine MK3, MPC 2500 w/ JOS, and the MPC Live.

I want something hands on, which all of these provide, but it's a matter of asking myself if I want to be tied to a computer or not. I also should ask myself if I want something that is strictly for sampling, or that will give me the potential to use it for many other different styles of music.

A friend of mine said that I should probably get the maschine because it is newer tech, comes with a great library of sounds to get started, and would probably be much easier.

But I'm still not sure. Is the learning curve of the 2500 difficult? Will I become frustrated with having to source my own sounds and drum kits? If I do go 2500, I could probably just use that strictly for sampled beats, and then continue using FL Studio for all other music.

The MPC Live seems appealing as well, but with a price of $1200, I'm not sure. I keep hearing that the Akai software is crappy and buggy, and that the onboard sounds and effects aren't that great.

I'm just worried about dropping $600 for a MK3 and then years down the line it becomes useless when it's not supported anymore on newer OS's and computers. At least I know that with a 2500, or even the Live, it will work standalone forever.

Any advice is appreciated. Has anyone owned a standalone MPC, got frustrated and moved to Maschine, or vice versa? How about MPC Live vs Maschine?

It is kind of a bummer that none of my local music stores have either on display to try out, and they refuse to open a box to let me try.
I came from a MPC 2000 background and started using DAWS and never looked back.

I own Maschine mp3 and Ableton Push 2.

To be honest I like Push 2 better but I think it is because I enjoy the Ableton workflow better.

Chopping/Warping samples is easy and mainly a right click method although Push 2 has some more options I enjoy just using the Wave view.

Maschine mp3 has a pretty complicated workflow IMO but I'm sure it is fully capable.

I also used to use Reason/Recycle but that method might be a little convoluted but I probably made some of my best sample based productions with that with no pad controller.

Ableton alone has a similar workflow now with just one program, but Recycle had a cool stretch function that sounded cool on chops. Almost similar to a delay effect.

Reason has a limited version of Recycle built-in now but lacks the stretch knob.