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The apogee one does not work as of now. im waiting on the cable but honestly this new ipad pro after a month is a disappointment. Apogee says Apple wont let them have any developmental things they need to make it work. Which pisses me off so bad because apple pimped apogee as there go to interfaces for logic and gb for years. Lets face it one guy died and apple became a a dongle and connection company. Lets sell as many 2 cent adapters for for $60 as we can and change ports every few years. iCloud which once worked great if I wanted to start projects on my phone or ipad and open on my mac. Now its ****. Im gonna wait for the new superduper os. But im really really starting to hate Apple. Ill probably sell this thing go back to. 2nd gen pro I honestly hate not having a home button and headphone jack as well. Its very obvious we are in another john scully era. A cash grab quantity over quality
Sorry to hear that.

The new pro iPads are a bit of a disappointment. iOS for audio is a pretty major disappointment all round, though I am keen to see where the new iOS ends up.

I find it best to wait regarding new Apple products in general.