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yes cause the silver bullet isnt a neve 1073 or a neve 1073 clone. It's "inspired by" a 1081. From unbiased sources I heard the mic pres break up real easy and end up sounding like a fuzzbox. Probably still nice to have but really subtle and not worth 2 grand
Im working with one first hand and and can say that the mic pre's breaking up "real easy" is not true. Yes, if you push em HARD they will distort, as will any other mic pre, but I have pushed these mic pre's to the limit while mastering and have came out with some pretty buttery sounds. You have to be abandoning all rules of gainstaging to get to the point where the mic pres start distorting though, at which point any mic pre would do that.

Totally worth the 2 grand btw, I am tickled that is all that it costs, and having had it I would totally drop double that without thinking about it if I had to replace it and that's what it costs.