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...If I want to measure my tracking room, where do I place the speaker and the mic?
Do I place the speaker in a position where for example a drumset might be and the mic mid in the room?
measuring is always about a dut (device under test: mostly speakers in our case) and the mic in a specific position (listening position in our case), it's not about getting results on absolute terms (which would apply to all instruments positioned throughout the tracking room) so i fear you cannot get what you're looking for.

you could try putting a powerful pa speaker and a subwoofer in the position of where you intend setting up the drums, feed it with pink noise and output roughly the same level which the drums will produce; aim the measurement mic at the top/sub stack, distance doesn't matter much/depends a bit on the size of your tracking room but going closer than 1m is not a good idea.

not sure whether such a measurement will give you much valuable information though...