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Fold back- So your saying that the X32 for recording drums straight into a Mac isn’t a super step down from using a decent apogee interface? I’m curious about this cause I’m thinking about getting the x32 for recording drums straight into my Mac, and using the Duet 2 for single track jobs like vocals, guitar, bass ect. If I do this, will the drums sound on par with the single tracks recorded through the Duet? If they will I’m on board. I just don’t want to have the conversion quality lacking in the drums while the vocals and stuff sound super clear and clean. I was thinking about getting the element just for everything, but if I do that than I won’t have a decent mixer for live gigs. But if the x32 sounds as good as you say for recording drums straight to my Mac, then this might be the solution. How difficult is it to record using the x32 straight to Logic Pro X? Is it as easy as plug in the usb 3 connection , have the iMac recognize it like any other interface, and just add tracks on the software like any other interface or do I need to buy any other accessories for this task. I’m thinking about buying the X32 as soon as next week so any more info you have will be helpful.
Yes, you've basically got it. The X-32 preamps route directly to the USB card which feeds the Mac. When you're not in record, the Mac feeds the audio back to the X-32 channels for mixing.

BTW you don't need usb-3, the X32 is USB 2. I was using the original Firewire also on my older Mac Pro, it worked fine. Now I have an X-Live card in both my X-32 mixers.

Also, you can use Midas brand external converter boxes on an X-32 AES-50 system. The headend and control is all identical. I only mention this for those who swear the Midas converters are quieter or better in some way that is not revealed by the dynamic range or distortion specifications of the M-32 and X-32.

My other converter box is the Apogee Symphony II, arguably one of the finest converter systems ever assembled, massive dynamic range, incredible low noise performance and headroom out to +24. The headphone amp on this thing makes Sennhesier HD600 headphones sound like they're from another planet GOOD!

I'm working on some live to 2-track recordings using the X-32 and the Symphony system simultaneously, in my early tests I can say you'd be hard pressed to tell which recording was done on which system, they both sound very good.

Good music to you!