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Old 7th June 2019
Here for the gear

Thanks for all of the insight, guys!

I’m seriously considering buying the SP-16. From what I’ve gathered the unit sounds great, has awesome DSI filters and has a very simplified UI that makes it easy grasp.

Unfortunately, what I’ve also gathered is that people are really disappointed with it as a product and Pioneer’s customer support is not handling it well at all.

I watched a few comparison videos between it and the MPC live and I still prefer the SP-16s simple work flow. My preference in the past is keyboard samplers/sequencers.

So I guess my next question is, would any of you guys still consider buying a SP-16 now for music production or would you go in a different direction? I’m trying to test one in person but from what I’m reading, folks main issue seems to be that it’s not an MPC Live (which in my opinion is a big DAW in a box and is the exact thing that I’m trying to avoid). Is there something else that I’m missing that really makes this unit tedious to use, limiting, cumbersome or difficult to use in comparison to other available sampler/sequencers on the market?

It’s main use for me would be to make experimental sample based compositions and record synth riffs directly into it from my OB-6 and Moog Matriarch when it arrives.