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Oh ok I get the X32 with the Midas stage box will essentially give me the sound of the Midas board? That’s actually pretty cool considering that the x32 producer is only a grand and the stage box is $125. I’m hoping that the converters are the same but this is what I read ....’’MIDAS in January 2014 introduced their innovative console M32. It is very much similar to Behringer X32 digital mixer. X32 is highly successful in the industry. Midas M32 shared most of the operating system. However, microphone preamps are the ~same as they used in MIDAS Pro series digital mixers. On the other hand, Behringer X32 uses preamps that are designed by MIDAS but are somewhat different. M32 preamps use 96Khz and X32 preamps use 48Khz. M32 uses MIDAS’ own 8-channel A/D converter. X32 uses Cirrus Logic A/D converters. 8-channel A/D converter branded MIDAS-8000 delivers better-performing numbers.’’
Not sure if that’s accurate or not, I will include a link to the article. So another question... If I do get the X32 and the Midas stage box with the Midas pre’s will that also alleviate the noise floor issue also and make the x32 “Dead quiet’’ as earlier describes by someone hear? Or is that a converter issue?
I sorry for all of the questions but it’s a difference between a 1200 to 1300 buy and a 2300 buy so im trying to get as much feedback and info that I can.
So do you think that the Stagebox will improve the sound quality AND noise floor on the X32? Can anyone chime in? Thanks

Article in question-