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Lives for gear

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I had a 2000XL and 4000. I own a Touch and have used the Live and X. For me, the X is the new king of MPCs. It's on par with the 4000 and not as heavy to carry. It's better built than the 5000.
the X and Live are not real MPC's imo (only meaning there a bit comprimised compared to earlier versions,more like software).Just sold my Live yesterday and X ;last year.Thats it for me.The 4000,5000 sound huge and hit hard.Proper hardware.Not software with a box built around it.INHO and experience- the X/live all just sums down to the same characterless tone.Its ok but just ok.(Using the OG 2000 i got here things just kinda crack out so i can use less sounds and get more.... )Other than that they are pretty cool.

It's better built than the 5000.
The 5000 is full metal and bullet proof.The effects and filters/samples have more character (altho same models/engine as X/live) altho you loose some top end.And yeah this machine has quirks) Thats ok with me.