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Anything I need to know before buying a Tempi?

So far it seems pretty perfect. It divides and multiplies and I can do up to six distinct tap tempos at once, plus it can save presets of that stuff, it can quantize the taps or not, and you can nudge timings, and more...

Seems pretty ideal, for those tasks. Any gotchas?

I think I would feed it a master clock from the BSPro/MPC/DAW/etc and then the Tempi can be the master clock brain for all of my modular. I think. Right?

I need to clock the Muxlicer, DFAM, both sides of the Ste.16 separately, SQ-1 if I want it to be different from the Volca Sample it's usually chained to, both sides of the PEG separately, and that is just the few things I have now. I fully expect that number and variety to increase 4x in the coming months. This is just the beginning of my clock and sync challenges.

Back to now... What sort of Clocking situation *can't* be covered with this combination?

Thank you in advance.