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I devoted way too much time to that about 5 years ago. Seemed to have zero benefit in the SEO sense. On the other hand, I did discover that I could drop "a jackalope and a nun walk into a bar" into a clump of code and Google would find it.

PS -- I took it back out, sorry.
RLOL Yea you can spend too much time in a heartbeat. They make a huge difference if you can lever it IMO - but alas the big control is that the platforms can control the relevancy/change of the info you put up. But the one way to actually control the indexing and ranking is through a self owned static IP: HTTPS:... (too bad I do not have one yet/but I am sure I could do it for a while on a dynamic address - just set it to static. Maybe it would last 6 months maybe a couple years?)
With all these clouds and interconnects There is only so much effort worth putting into it - until you have a bonafide static IP. That way the alt text (as YOU write them) and images/links etc. have to stick. A funny thing... As a test I put up a buried image of a complicated abstract self made music poster. And it could not be found anywhere. But when I ran google image search it popped right up. And the search had all the comparable possibilities of other images and relevancies. There was a super market ad from Cali almost exact colors and shapes. As well as many foreign images that quite closely replicated my poster whether just in text placement or other similarities. Mind you I made the test poster like - non mathematical and fractalled-like one of a kind.