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I love using M160s for overheads when they are placed the way I place them.

They are also an excellent mic for many other instruments and such. When applicable, I like to pair the M160 with a M130 for mid-side stereo applications. In this case, the M130 captures the “side” channel, and the M160 captures the “mid.”

The M160 sounds fabulous on a electric guitar cabinet. I also like it on strings, brass and percussion. They sound amazing on (organ top) Leslie cabinets too. Some folks like them on acoustic piano. I haven't used them in that position as of yet because I have other solutions for that task.

I have 12 of them in my mic locker. I also have a few M260s just because I can.

Originally Posted by shimoyjk View Post
Yes, I started understanding what kind of mic pattern will work and what won’t. Thanks for your wisdom.

Unfortunately I’m not able to spend lot of money.

M160 pair would be my best bet, but i think m160 is mostly for drum over heads, no?

I was going to get cm3 pair and om1, lrm-2 ribbons but I guess going to change plan.

And if you’re buying mic for piano and upright for this room, what would it be? Cheaper and sound decent mics would be great!