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The side pickup of ribbon mics is almost nothing. It is a full frequency null that offers much more rejection than the back of any cardioid mics, especially LDCs, which tend to have a lot of sloppiness re pattern vs frequency.
So, if you mic straight down into the piano with a pair of ribbons, often you can get much better drum rejection than with cardioids.
This is only true if the piano lid opens away from the drums. You don’t want “lid bounce” down into the back of the ribbons.
I was thinking about early reflections from the piano lid possibly causing some phasing issues, but with judicious placement that might not be an issue. OP is going to want to build some gobos anyway, so the ribbons might be the trick regardless of how the lid opens into the room.

You're not wrong, incidentally, about the average price of LDC's used as kick mics. In my experience, though, a good lower priced alternative on kick is a Rode NTK. You'd be surprised how much drum kit information you can capture with a pair of 4050's overhead and an NTK in front, at about the 1m mark.

The Rode NTK os a fabulous kick mic, in my estimation.