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Studio One 4.5 Groups issue

Long time S1 user here. I recently purchased a brand new DAW system (Win 10 Pro, I7 9600 processor, 32 gig ram, 6 TB storage etc) and upgraded to S1 4.5...coming from an older Mac Pro Tower with I5 Processor, 32gb ram etc and Studio one 2.5ish...

So on the new Windows based system when I group channels together and click on on event waveform in the timeline it highlights all recorded events that are combined in that group on the timeline. However if I click on a channel in the mixer view that is grouped with other channels it only highlights the single channel that the mouse cursor is hovering on and doesn't highlight the other channels that are in that same group. That same thing happens on the channel info on the left side of the timeline where all of the track information and Record, Solo, Mute buttons are etc. I can click on a single channel that is grouped with other channels and it only highlights the channel where the mouse is hovering.

However when I click on a solo, mute or record button, all of the channels that are grouped together do arm, solo or mute together and the faders all follow together.... So this tells me that my groups are working. How do you get all channels that are grouped together to highlight at the same time like it does on my old system? What am I missing here? This is really frustrating. I don't like having to guess which channels are grouped together because they are not being highlighted!