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You'd only need an O_C or a Harmonaig ... both of those handle multiple inputs or can generate chord voicing. Once you have the voicing, you can do arps by leveraging your VCAs effectively, or with a sequential switch of some sort. O_C also has some modes that can do arpeggios like Automatonnetz.

Nothing wrong with the Tip Top, it's just pretty basic and expensive compared to what's out there now days.
No kidding.

Very interesting. Thank you.

I am still drawn to the UX of the TipTop but I appreciate knowing what it is and isn't...

I will definitely, ultimately, get a Harmonaig, but that might be 90 days off. I have many competing priorities begging for the same resources.

And - Quantizers aside - I had already planned to get an O & C at some point due to its Swiss Army knife nature and value.

So it sounds like I will have all the Quantizers I need and then some. Okay. Very good to know.

Thank you.