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small room mic'ing for jazz trio!


I already posted same thing at newbie engineering forum but after I read few threads here, I think it can be great to ask here.

so basically I just finished built my studio(to practice piano/keys, and sometimes rehearsal) and out of curiosity recorded myself play little things.

[more about the room]
room is 20 f x 17 f x 8.8f height, and I'm using liltte more than half of the room for piano and rehearsal space, and little less than half of the room for my production sides.(computer, audio interface, synths etc...)

it turned out that if I use right microphone at right spot, I thought I can produce decent album here.

as a musician, I always wanted to produce my own records at my own place and as soon as I finished built, I started thinking about making a record this summer.

what I'm trying to do is record piano trio here. (upright bass, drums, piano)

and microphones that I have :

Shure KSM141 MP (for room mic? or piano )
AKG C414 XLS (upright bass)
Lauten Audio LA-320 (no idea yet)

and I'm thinking to add

Line Audio CM-3 MP for drum over head
Nohype LRM-2 RIbbon Pair for Piano

and one LDC(omni) for drum(around shoulder or knee invented by Remoteness).

any mic suggestion beside what I wrote? (trying not to spend over 1k, since spend lots of money when I built and bought some synthesizers this year...)
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