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Old 3rd June 2019
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I have a Quantizer question or three.

If I take the Pitch Out of the DFAM - which is essentially atonal for most percussion patches - all over the place tone wise - and run that through a Quantizer, then that sync'd string of random tones coming from the DFAM would now be an arpeggio in Fm or whatever I want?

(Maybe not an arpeggio, but at least the random noyes will be in a given Key...)

Same with the SQ-1 CV Outs... sometomes, when using the SQ-1 as a Modulation Source which is what I typically use it for, the tones coming out are all over the place, but a Quantizer would do the same thing?

And, one more, it will also take random voltages being spit out by something like Ultra Random Analog and make those tuned arpeggios/random but in Key notes, or the like?

That's basically what they're for? Do I have that right?

What else, if anything, do yo do with a euro Quantizer? How many do I need? Is a uScale redundant if I get a Harmonaig? Do those make an O&C redundant? Since most use an O&C for its Quantizers, is it less useful if you have the others, practically speaking? How often are those other functions useful?

And if these Quantizers won't literally turn those random bleeps into a specific arpeggio, just in Key, is there some other module that convers the random string to arps/chords?