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Another mics

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Given what you already have, I would say to try this for a jazz trio:

414 on piano

320 on bass

KSM141's overhead on drums

Maybe something like this on kick (or more like front of drum kit)

The stealth is a killer little microphone. Might be nice on bass as well, so you could swap with the 320 and see which you like better for drums.

I'd happily record a jazz trio with that mic package.
Thanks for your thoughtful ideas.

July or early August im going to start record an album, till then will experiment during rehearsals.

I’m able to purchase few more mics.

Here are some ;

Line audio CM3 pair (wide cardioid) ; for drum overheads

Line Audio Om1 for toms.

Nohype LRM-2 ribbon pair ; for piano. Gotta think how to minimize bleed from drums.

And then I could use c414 for upright bass.

Then la320 and oh, sm58 is left.

Seems like a plan?