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Here for the gear

U gotta start with the kick u want and bring everything else down... the sound of the kick will distort at a csrtain level everytime if you try to turn it up too much to bang.

U can layer different frequencys and pitches of different kicks or the same kick. And or EQ each layer differently... or you can open a eq and take a narrow band and find the distorted frequency in your kick. (Shouldnt be much cuz u should start w a good unprocessed sample).... next u can make 2 layers and have compressors on each on the lower kick u can have the compressor hitting at a higher “attack” and the “release” all the way down.. and then the next kicks compressor you’ll have the opposite going on woth the “attack” all the way down. And the release a little longer... and blend the 2 to taste...

To recap: however you do it your basically looking at needing to build ur mix around the kicks best volume (wherever the kick hits the clearest), then u can layer kicks. The technique here is most often a hard tight hitting kick layered with a more bumpy/muffled booming type kick.... u can even layer up to 3 or 4 if you control your parameters on each of them to fit nicely with one another. But i usually stick to 3 max.. if i do 4 What i usually do is do that basic low kick and hard tight popping kick type layer.. with just 2 and blend those till i hear What i want the main “hit” of the kick frequency to sound like....ill then bounce those 2 kick regions into an audio file... and make that my sidechain linked to my sub bass.. and then i’ll go and layer a low kick, mid kick, and higher/texural/pop type kick together along with the side chain layer... from here i play with the semitones of pitch in each of the 3 layered kicks... for instance you’ll notice when you pitch one down a few semitones it will hit differently on each semitone.. so one could be down 5 semi tones, one could be up 3-5 semitones... and one could be down -1 semitones... but the 3 together would work in alliance to make a round full kick that you can subtly bump the sweet spot frequencys in and take out the bad frequencys of the others. Just make sure the layers of kicks you have and compress lr whatever sounds right with the melody and or the rest of the mix..

1. Set the volume of the mix around the kicks hitting point.
2. Layer kicks of different textures to create 1 texture
3. Change the pitch and eq of each layer till u get the best possible result that works with your mix.
4. Compression can do alot for kicks as well as sidechaining the kick to cut thru and bass or vocals/instrumentation.

The end result will leave you satisfied and after you do it you’ll realize its all about how much time ur willing to put into making it sound how u want....

Lastly if its overall volume ur looking for and are lacking in your tracks at the end stage.... and ur kicks are just not coming thru... its likely because of the first issue of the rest of the mix bumping at a volume that the kick would have to be extremely loud to bump with... so when u try to make it bump with the mix it distorts... do the gain staging and volume setup and look into a mastering plugin like Izotopes “ozone 8” where you can put a clean mix into a project after getting everything leveled perfectly arpund the kick and having ur mix bump at -7db on the stereo out and master fader.. while the stereo and master fader are both at 0. Important asf. That mix will have no dostortion amd will be a good even mix and ozone will master it up for u with its master assistant and make eq curves and alot on its own and then u can tweak anything from there and set ur maximizer ceiling to however loud u want.... enjoy