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I do not use a lot of plug ins and as the years gone by and I purchased better gear I used less and less plug ins. On a final mix I probably have approximately 15 plug ins on a mix.

I own the
Renaissance Bundle
Api Bundle
SSL Bundle
Besides that a few odds n ends plug ins that I purchased here and there.

The Rennaisance Bundle I use the most. I use the R-Eq to LO & Hi-pass guitars, bass, and vocals, the R-Vox I use on vocals.

The SSL Bundle I use the SSL channel for Kick & Snare
and sometimes SSL Comp for drum Buss.

The api Bundle I use the 550a eq on guitars and sometimes I use the 550b on vocals.

Sometimes I use these in conjunction with outboard. It really just depends on the mix. Sometimes I use zero plug ins if I'm going for a straight clean as I tracked it Mix.

If I could only use one plug in it would be the R-Vox. It just has a way of bringing the vocal to the front and keeping it there without getting in the way.

When I use these plug ins I don't push them because I find they can get nasty quick. This is what I think sets hardware apart from plug ins I feel you can push hardware and it's stays pleasing where if you push a plug in watch out it can get HARSH. Again this is just my opinion from my experience.

Oh and Vahalla Reverb is awesome to!

Huh. I like the concept of plugins and the economy/ recall, but I find my self using them less and less. My last mix I used zero, but there are about 9 I still use sometimes/ occasionally. Hardware just seems to get me the sounds I like; maybe it's because I started with consoles and tape before ProTools existed...and now I'm back to a console [but typically not tape].