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Thanks Mag J! Really helpful. Didn’t know it can be a problem if I use ribbon mics with other instruments at the same time. Never done any recording by myself so I’m little scared but I think it’s better to try anyway. I’ll make some note from your advices and keep updating this post. Going to be alot of studying and learning. Quiet excited !
Right on! We all started somewhere, my friend. Don't be frightened. You already have a good idea of what a piano should sound like which is reflected in the recordings you posted. That gives you a leg up on someone who doesn't play. Now all you have to do is figure out how to make that translate over microphones. Your ears are going to be the best judge of that.

The thing about the ribbon mics is that they pick up sound from both the front and the back of the mic. You can do a lot of awesome things with ribbon mics because they work like this. They can also be tricky in certain situations because they work like this.