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Old 31st May 2019
Cool Stop Presses! A little "thank-you" bonus for all Q+A participants from MWTM...

Andrew & Gearslutz have mutual friends in the cool people at Mix With The Masters... they have enjoyed this Q+A as much as we have and being that they are super into the idea of passing on the wisdom of these living legends, they have elected to give two Q+A participants a free 1-year membership, and everyone else will get a $60 money-off voucher on that same one-year subscription ($269 instead of $329) if they want to sign up for VIP access to MWTM!

Check your PMs to see if you've won, and if not, to pick up your discount code!

Thanks again to everyone who got involved in this and thanks to Mix With The Masters for sweetening the deal so late in the game...