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I happen to like the way the LFO is implemented. I can definitely see your points though. I just reach for something else that can do stuff like that if I need it.

It's current implementation offers a few little things that I use often.

1. LFO Sync and the Arp used together with different beat divisions. Tons of variation can be had here. Many synths can accomplish this simple feat but I'm focusing on what the OB-6 can do.

2. Using the MW as a pseudo constant controller. LFO on it's slowest setting using the Rev. Saw Shape. This is as close as you're going to get to connecting the MW directly to a parameter in the LFO destinations.

If I could have one thing added it would be some sort of control over the MW range. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment during a kick ass jam you want to lean in and put some weight behind that MW action. You know, for rock's sake.

But...Just a little too far (millimeters) and your in Circus Fun House Sound FX territory. I know most decent controllers allow this...But if you don't have a controller with this function you have to be careful, and who wants to be careful when they're "feelin it" live on stage? Nobody, you want to be able to throttle that MW without worrying too much about the result.

Obviously, having both options for the LFO would be the ideal scenario. I wouldn't say no to that. I just work with the cards I'm dealt.

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