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Or, probably why I should have maintained my drums better.

I bought a Pearl Forum drum kit in 2001 or 2002 and used them for about a year in a band as a drummer but then let them sit for a long time. I used them occasionally, mainly for adding a beat to a demo I recorded, and for a handful of songs my band and others I've recorded. Since I've moved into a new house and upgraded my recording rig I've been using the drums more often. Out of sheer laziness and also with the excuse of how infrequently I used them, I never changed any of the heads except for the snare batter head a few years back. I also tuned them maybe 3 times in the past 17 years but bought a drum dial a month ago and using that, made them sound pretty good! My band's backup drummer and soon to be recording session drummer gets gear with a musician discount/at cost, and very awesomely gave me a set of batter heads for my snare, toms, and bass. But for the snare, he gave me a couple different Evans heads, a G1 and a G2. I figured I would put the G2 on the batter head and the G1 on the snare side, then buy the resonant heads for the rest of my kit and tune that sucker up and record some actually-good sounding drums for once!

Well I only got as far as taking apart the snare drum, because when I took off the bottom head, a bunch of sawdust came out. I am not a drummer by nature but even I know that ain't right. I hope the pictures show it, but over the years, somehow the rim got worn down by a visible amount, and somehow around where the snares cross the rim. I am certain that this is related to my utter lack of maintaining the kit over the years, and I accept that I might have to take a loss on the drum. But, to finally get to my question here: is this the end of my snare? Or could I put the G1 on the rim and tune it up and have it sound acceptably good? Or is it catastrophically dunzo?
That's called a snare bed. It's supposed to be there and wad built that way from the factory.

A g1 on the snare side is a mistake. It's way too thick. You want something like an Evans 300 for that