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Originally posted by BrianT
The original 3324 is the worst sounding tape machine of any type I've ever heard.
What on earth are you talking about? I read the SONY brochure, that thing sounded perfect. The the 3324S sounded even more perfect...

I think what you'll find is that "vintage" effects processors will continue to be sought after for their particular brand of grit... but overall A/D-D/A conversion will not be sought after as much for it's in abilities, as they will be sought after for their ability to present depth of tone... 3rd dimension...

I have a feeling that the project you're working on with the HEDD and Lucid converters isn't so much suffering from the more open tone and texture of the converters... but from the better resolution pointing out other flaws in the signal path.

Then again... I could be wrong... I'm no where near as infallible as SONY...