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1. If you hate the USA and it's people, then f^ck you, you're ignorant

2. It is OK to buy products from anywhere. It is a choice and we're all free to make it.

3. There is NOTHING wrong with supporting products made domestically. It fosters gainful employment, which fosters positive citizenship which benefits all of your friends and neighbors, and so on. It also stimulates the local economy which has positive economic ripple effects throughout the entire country. Pardon us for wanting to maintain or trying to rebuild a decent, domestic economy

4. Anyone who thinks that 'Buy American', or 'Buy British' is rooted in nationalistic hate for others has completely misinterpreted it (that includes ALL of you non-US folks who so smugly jump on any comment that CAN be misconstrued and ASSUME the worst meaning...thereby adopting this typical, holier-than-thou attitude and proceeding to generalize a bunch of bull**** about 'Americans'...again I're ignorant!)

5. How crazy does someone have to be to jump from 'Buy American' to Jesus and book burning? Even if it was a joke, it speaks to a strange neurosis that has become very prevalent. As if any one who cares about the USA and wants to see good things happen for the people, economically, socially, etc MUST have a wacko, fringe agenda.

I suppose it is really just the vocal, fringe minority that make all of these ignorant, racist, hateful, petty little comments and jabs. Just like any US citizen that thinks 'Buy American' means 'Snub Other Country's Products'....You ALL belong together in a "...nation of haters"

For those blind folks who see a 'nation of haters'...take a look around. How about a little experiment? Over the next week, scour the web and find 100 forums. It doesn't even matter what the subject is, just make sure it is well represented internationally. Then, start reading OT threads and take note of WHO is casting hate/calling names/pointing fingers/being UGLY/feeling superior/being DICKS to WHOM! I DARE you. If you're even slightly capable of being honest (especially with yourself), you'll be shocked. Start with this thread, and then move on.

I am a decent, law abiding, kind generous family man. I am also an American...and for JUST that reason, I been called every name in the book and have been told WHO I am and WHAT i am by people who have no clue if I'm even male or female! All this from 'so called' "enlightened", non-Americans.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. All of the racists will continue to be racists. They'll continue to point the finger and feel smug and superior. They'll continue to preach. Whatever. I've quit listening. At least their persistence is amusing! hehheh
you forgot to add

'in my opinion'

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right, of course...completely logical -- if I want to buy a chandler product made in the usa, that makes me of like mind with hitler. nice.
That's a logical assumption

you feeling guilty or something?